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The Dyer family tradition of pharmacy began in 1900 when four Dyer brothers entered the then infant-field of pharmacy. In the 1920's and 1930's the name "Dyer" was virtually synonymous with drug stores in North Texas.

Joe Dyer was the originator of the drug business in the Dyer family. Joe had four brothers and five sisters. Four of the five boys became pharmacist except, John Dyer, who worked in the drug store in Trenton, Texas, never becoming a licensed pharmacist. John had three boys...all becoming pharmacist. The eldest child, Frances Marion Dyer known by his family as “FM” began his work in Trenton and recalls only being allowed to work for a very short time because there wasn’t enough income in one store to support two families. He was transferred to Sherman to work at a Dyer-Jones (relative by marriage) before moving to Farmersville in 1933. It was known as Dyer-Jones when it opened in 1928 but was changed to Dyer’s Drug in the early 1930's when “FM” purchased from his uncle Joe. “FM” passed the business to his daughter Frances Dyer Hickman and son Ben.

In the 1980’s Wilson Taylor, who today is still our Pharmacist in Charge became partners when Ben moved out of town. It is now solely owned by Frances and her son John Dyer Hickman but all three are still involved in the day to day business.

Throughout the century the brothers bought or established 14 drug stores in North Texas including McKinney, Sherman, Celina, Lone Oak, Whitewright, Trenton, Celeste and Garland but today Farmersville is the only remaining family owned store. We invite you to stop by and enjoy the building and business that served so many including the likes of World War II Veteran, Audie Murphy.

Be sure to stop by our local Farmersville Heritage Museum to see relics that once sat inside Dyer’s Drug such as the telephone booth and many others.

Our Team

Wilson Taylor, Pharmacist in Charge

  • University of Texas Austin College of Pharmacy

Frances Dyer Hickman, Owner/Pharmacist

University of Texas Austin College of Pharmacy

John Dyer Hickman, Owner/Technician

East Texas State University B.A. Communications

Stacy Hickman, Treasurer

University of Texas Dallas B.S. Biology

Rodney Blount


Sherri Steffans


Joanne Sartain


Linda Smith


Maria Mandujano Olvera


Tracy Hightower